A Fresh Approach in Workplace Insurance

Company Profile

Affida is a results, outcome-driven consultancy business offering a unique integrated business model in Workers Compensation Insurance.

Delivering superior operational and cost-efficiencies, Affida brings together the key service providers required by employers to effectively manage their Workers Compensation programs, under the one umbrella.

The name “Affida” is derived from the Latin “fidelis” and “fides” meaning faithful, loyal and trust; it embodies our commitment to being a loyal and trusted partner in business.

The Affida business model offers employers:

  • A Fully-Integrated Service, encompassing premium management, insurer liaison, claims management, investigations, risk management, legal services, medical provider panels and rehabilitation services.
  • Specialist Expertise & Advice in workers compensation legislation, injury management, claims management and Occupational Health & Safety.
  • Self-Insurance Expertise, including a full range of claims management services for employers with self-insurance programs. Our technical knowledge, industry experience and flexibility will directly assist employers during the transition to self-insurance.

Workers Compensation remains one of the most significant costs facing companies in today’s business environment. Moreover, different legislation in each State makes understanding risk exposures even more challenging. At Affida, we ensure you’re fully aware of the exposures facing your business; we will work closely with you to establish policies and procedures that accurately reflect your obligations and requirements under varying State legislation.

All Affida service providers have entered into Service Level Agreements, specifying their role, responsibilities and commitment. This underpins Affida’s ability to deliver clients the specialist expertise required to effectively manage their Workers Compensation programs. 

With extensive experience in all aspects of Workplace Insurance, our professional team at Affida, led by Ed Palminha, will help organisations develop and implement programs that offer effective control and management of Workers Compensation costs, and outcomes that deliver superior operational and cost-efficiency.