A Fresh Approach in Workplace Insurance

Program completion

Finalisation of the Affida program is captured in the diagram below:




Claims Report

  • A comprehensive overview of the strategies implemented and the outcomes achieved - providing clients with an understanding of the full program
  • Final cost analysis of total incurred costs in relation to each claim – with a focus on the cost benefits of specific strategies.

Premium Analysis

  • Final premiums in relation to ‘Adjustment & Renewal’ calculations
  • Overview: includes a detailed analysis of your company’s individual performance in comparison to the wider industry and the impact of claims on your overall premium (i.e. one dollar of a claim paid, how much premium is being paid).

This is essential in understanding how the premium is calculated (and that a large premium may not always be an indicator of poor performance).

In addition, we provide other premium-related services such as: assistance with appeals to the Workcover Authority in regard to premium disputes, and training staff in understanding premium calculations and the impact of claims on premiums.