A Fresh Approach in Workplace Insurance

Initial Review

While we have a clear process with recognised key stages, our service structure and operating environment is flexible - allowing tailored programs to be developed and implemented that are specific to each client.

Affida’s structure and service model incorporates an initial standard process to ensure optimal results, as outlined in the diagram below:


The focus of the Initial Review is to provide an overview of the current arrangements in place for your business. The Workers Compensation audit includes review and commentary on the current year, as well as the previous three years of policy history. The audit takes approximately two-four weeks to complete, with a detailed report delivered on completion.

The report includes commentary on where the current Workers Compensation insurance program stands and possible recommendations or exposures (both current and future).

The audit focuses on the following elements (but is not confined to these areas):

  • Policy structure
  • Industry classifications
  • Premium calculations
  • Claims Agents / Workcover authorities.