A Fresh Approach in Workplace Insurance

Vision & Values

Our Vision for our clients and service providers is all about:

Delivering real expertise in Workplace Insurance through a unique, fully integrated service model that provides clear and cost-effective results

The core values that underpin what Affida stands for and believes in, and guides our relationships with clients, service providers and staff, are:

Collaboration . Innovation . Integrity . Openness . Professionalism

In practice, our Values mean:

  • Collaboration
    Working in a strongly cooperative and consultative manner within our team, and with our clients and service providers.
  • Innovation
    Employing new approaches and methodologies, identifying new products and services to meet market needs, and using technology to deliver relevant and cost-effective services and business solutions.
  • Integrity
    Clarity and honesty in our dealings with our clients and service providers; operating with a strong set of ethics in all business transactions.
  • Openness
    Open to new ideas and ways of working; open and transparent in all our communications.
  • Professionalism
    Striving for quality and excellence across all aspects of our business: service delivery, technical advice, work processes and systems.